Two Way Cake Foundation

What type of skin is suitable for two types of two-way cake powder colors; Natural beige (code 02) and Fair DNA (code 01)?

Fair DNA powder (code 01) is suitable for fair-skinned people, while Natural Beige (02) is suitable for people with tanned skin.


2. My under eyes feel itchy and sore when I use Two Way Cake powder. Can give you give me the causes?

Less than 1% of users will experience discomfort when using any NK product. You can avoid using powder under the eyes, and let the skin adapt first because sensitive skin needs some time to adapt.


3. My face is very freckled, if I don’t use foundation it will look very bad. Can you recommend a foundation that can be used?

Naturel Kiss Two-Way Cake Powder is came with two method which is foundation and compact powder. If you want thicker coverage, you can wet the sponge first (using the wet method). Wet powder will give an effect like using foundation and full-coverage to cover the skin problem.