NK Age-Reverse (General Questions)

  1. What type of skin is this NK product suitable for?

NK is suitable for all skin types whether dry, oily or combination skin. It will balance the skin’s optimal moisture and treat the adverse effects of dry skin.


  1. What are the special about Age Reverse?

Age Reverse is the latest NK product produced by a research group led by Dr Siti Hamidah from UTM. Dr Siti is indeed known as the founder of Naturel Kiss (NK), which is a product based on natural, safe ingredients and using modern technology. Age Reverse is a series of products that use the BeuT – ComplexTM formulation, which uses the best anti-aging ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Bee Venom, Tsubaki extract, Roselle extract, and essential oils that are good for the skin. The Age Reverse product has gone through a detailed study involving more than 100 respondents, Lab Tested certification from Bioeconomy Corporation, various SIRIM testing, notification from the Ministry of Health (MOH), and various ‘Proof of Concept’ testing to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the product.


  1. What is the difference between NK products and skin care out there?

NK products are produced from detailed studies by our research team at UTM. We choose ingredients that are proven to be effective as a result of our own research and from the experts around the world. The formulation produced is exclusive and original, not from any other party. The most important features of NK is the effectiveness, safe and comparable to the quality of internationally popular branded products.


  1. Can the spots on the face be removed by using NK products?

NK products are enriched with antiaging ingredients that can help accelerate the production of new and healthy cells to replace old cells that have been damaged, including freckles and black spots. However, there is also the problem of black spots due to hyperpigmentation, which is a condition of extreme skin damage that causes skin color changes in some parts. Among the extreme black spot problems is melasma which is permanent skin damage and is very difficult to remove whether using skin care or laser treatment. However, intensive use of NK products can reduce the color of the black spots.


  1. I use XXX products. Can I wear it alternately with use

You may not be able to expect optimal results using NK if you mix it with products from other brands. To ensure optimal results, it is recommended to use NK products intensively because each product will add effectiveness to the skin.


  1. My skin is damaged due to using toxic products several times before, and changing products frequently. Can NK treat my skin to be beautiful again?

When the skin has been exposed to toxic substances for a long time, then the skin has become damaged. Pores are also clogged a lot. This causes a relatively long time to restore the condition of the skin. Products based on natural ingredients do take a long time but they are safe and the results are also very satisfying because the skin has been treated. A new layer of skin will grow every 4 weeks, so be patient, and the process will help the new skin grow healthy by using natural and effective ingredients.


  1. Is there a potential to be allergic when using NK products?

The sign of having an allergy is that it occurs throughout the 24 hours after using a product. The allergic effect is the skin becoming red and slightly swollen, but not acne. There are also people who are allergic to natural ingredients but it is very rare, in less than 1%.


  1. How to properly use NK products?

The instructions for using NK products are as follows: 1. Wash with Age Reverse Cleanser, 2. Spray Energy Mist, wait until it absorb properly, 3. Apply Sunscreen (5 dots of sunscreen) to the entire face, 4. Apply Two-way cake powder. Tips: wait for the sunscreen to absorb into the skin before using TWC, to avoid uneven powder.


  1. Does NK have a Halal certificate?

We are in the process of applying for a Halal certificate. Our principle is to ensure that all ingredients used are halal and do not use animal elements and non-halal ingredients.


  1. Can men use NK products?

Yes, men can also use NK. It suits all skin types.


  1. What are the different criteria for this approval: KKM, SIRIM, LABTESTED. Is Lab Tested the highest level of certification? What is the most noticeable difference between Lab Tested and KKM/SIRIM?

Lab Tested certification is issued by Bioeconomy Corporation for a detailed and accurate study on the safety of the products produced. NK is the first product to receive Lab Tested certification showing that NK products have been highly recognized by the Bioeconomy agency. For Lab Tested certification, only products based on technology and R&D will be accepted for testing. While Note No. from the Ministry of Health (MOH) is mandatory for all product manufacturers to apply. The Ministry of Health does not do testing and only issues Note No. based on the list of ingredients given by the manufacturer. The Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM) certification is specific to know the effectiveness/safety of the product and it is necessary to send samples to SIRIM.


  1. Is there already a Note. No/certificate from KKM/SIRIM still means the product is still unsafe?

The Ministry of Health will only approve products that use safe ingredients. The producing company will provide a list of materials to the Ministry of Health for the application of Note. No. product manufacturers need to be genuine in listing the ingredients they use. While the SIRIM certificate is an initiative of product manufacturers to do further testing on the effectiveness/safety of their products. The sirim certificate is specific and the manufacturer needs to provide a product sample.


  1. If it were a Lab Tested, was it definitely safe for all skin types?

Yes, except in isolated cases if a person has an allergic problem to the material used.


  1. Is NK the only skin-care brand that has a Lab Tested certificate?

NK is the first brand of skin care products to receive Lab Tested certification.


  1. Why does my skin feel dry after using Age Reverse?

Age Reverse will not dry out the skin, in fact it will help treat dry skin problems. Users will experience tight skin after using NK products because it is a reaction to the anti-aging ingredients used, especially Bee venom and Hyaluronic Acid. Don’t worry if your skin feels tight because it means this product is effective. Continue to use NK Age Reverse intensively and consistently.


  1. What scent is used in NK Age-Reverse products?

Age Reverse uses 100% natural scents from essential oils, especially Geranium and Rosewood, to create a floral and woody base scent. It is uniquely blended by the NK team, to ensure no synthetic and toxic fragrance in the product. It contains antioxidants for skin as well.


  1. I’ve been using NK products for a week, why haven’t I got the expected results?

The skin cycle process involves the production of new skin cells at the very bottom of the epidermis, which will then be removed and replaced the dead skin. This cycle will happen for an average of 4-6 weeks, depending on the age, and the way of life of a person. Teenagers will experience skin cycles between 2-4 weeks. To get satisfactory results, one needs to use NK products intensively and expect to see results after 4 weeks. Dermatologists say users need to wait 3 times for skin cycles to see results (within 3 months), but through studies and reviews that the NK research team did, almost 100% of respondents got significant results after 2 weeks.


  1. Is it true that people with sensitive skin can’t use ingredients with fragrance/perfume in skincare? Does the NK product have a fragrance? I want to try it but I’m worried it won’t work because my skin is dry and sensitive.

For those with sensitive skin, it is necessary to know what causes the allergic reaction because not all allergies are caused by fragrance, and not all sensitive skin can use products containing fragrance. NK Product uses essential oils as fragrance. It should be known that fragrance is a synthetic content that contains aroma ingredients, while essential oils are natural fragrance ingredients. In some cases, people who are allergic to fragrances are also allergic to essential oils. So it is necessary to make sure the skin is allergic to what material. For dry and sensitive skin, usually the cause of the sensitivity is dryness, that is, when the skin is dry, bacteria will easily grow on the keratin surface. So you need to make sure you get enough moisture by using Energy Mist and drinking enough water.


19. Does the NK Age Reverse product contain whitening?

Whitening is on BeuT-ComplexTM. Which is contains vitamin C from Roselle Extract and lemon essential oil. But it is not corrosive whitening that prevents the production of melanin from under the skin and make the skin becomes dark.


20. What are the best recommendation for new user who want to try NK Age-Reverse and have acne problems?

The recommendation for new user is to use a basic face care set that contains NK Age-Reverse Cleanser, Energy Water Mist and NK Age-Reverse Sunscreen. And it needs to be reminded for user to always reapply sunscreen every 3-4 hours.


21. Can NK Age-Reverse solve the problem of keratosis on the skin?

Keratosis is a skin problem that requires treatment by medical experts but it can be recommended to users to use NK Age-Reverse products because NK products are safe and aim to replace new skin cells more efficiently.


22. I have freckles problem and have been using NK Age-Reverse. Can I use NK Age-Reverse products with melaquin cream?

Melaquin cream is a hydroquinone cream. Its function is to reduce freckles on the surface of the skin. In some people there will be side effects such as burning, reddened skin. This is because the function of melaquin cream is to erode the pigment in freckles.

If you want to use NK Age-Reverse together with melaquin cream there is no problem, just in case there are side effects it is due to the use of melaquin cream.

Additionally, if you want an optimal effect from NK Age-Reverse, it is not recommended to mix products. And as is known, freckles have roots, so to reduce them from within the skin will take some time. NK Age-Reverse works to reduce freckles by taking action from the root of the freckles. Therefore, the use of NK Age-Reverse can also reduce freckles without side effects.