NK Age-Reverse Cleanser

1.What causes a cleanser to foam?

Usually foaming cleansers because they use sulfate-based ingredients, the most popular being SLS. SLS is effective in removing dirt, but at the same time it can also remove the natural moisture that our skin needs so it can cause dry skin. When the skin is dry, it is easy to get irritation or itching like an allergic reaction. There is a lot bad effects from SLS. At worst it can damage the eye if it enters into the eye. SLS can also cause clogged pores and make acne worse.


2. Why NK Age Reverse Cleanser did not has foam?

NK cleanser uses Sodium methyl cocoyl taurate (SMCT) which is a natural surfactant produced from coconut. It is the most gentle, luxurious and effective surfactant. Mild surfactants are less foamy and less irritating to the skin.


3. Why doesn’t NK cleanser use a spray bottle?

After we did a review on the use of spray bottles for cleanser, now with every purchase of cleanser you will get a free spray head cover.


4. Is it necessary to use Age Reverse Cleanser before using Energy Mist? 

After using the Age Reverse Cleanser, you can continue using the Energy Mist. Before you spray Energy Mist, you don’t need to wash your face with water. But if you have sensitive skin (e.g. the skin feels itchy or red after using the cleanser), it is advised to wash your face after using the cleanser, then spray using Energy Mist.


5. I’m worried that if I only use the cleanser, the freckles won’t go away. There is no suitable day & night cream that can remove his freckles. For information, I have been using the Age Reverse Cleanser for two weeks and feel that my skin is clean and beautiful.

Freckles do take time to reduce, let alone to get rid of. NK does not have night and day creams, because Age Reverse Cleanser and other products are suitable for day and night use. For now we only have Age Reverse Cleanser, and can be used with Energy Mist and Two Way Cake powder. To get the effect faster, you can use AR Cleanser and Energy Mist more often (every time you take ablution).


6. I like wearing makeup. Can Age Reverse Cleanser effectively wash away make-up stains?

 Yes can. The nano formulation in Age Reverse is very effective at washing off thick make-up. You can wash your face twice. The first time, directly apply to the face with make-up, massage the face and rinse. Then apply AR Cleanser again and leave it for a while before rinsing.


7. After using the Age Reverse Cleanser for three days, my skin broke out. Why can it be like this?

Acne is caused by several factors:

  1. Hormonal changes, especially before periods
  2. Dirt that accumulates in the pores that cause inflammation and cause acne.

If we have previously used products that can cause clogged pores, using Age Reverse Cleanser will clean and treat the problem. The active ingredients in age reverse will speed up the metabolism of skin cells, inflammation will come out faster and then the skin will improve and heal. Continue using Age Reverse Cleanser, Energy Mist, Sunscreen and two way cake powder.


8. Can this cleanser also be used to clean make up or not?

Yes, that is correct. If you just use powder, thin foundation, and regular makeup, wash your face as usual with NK Cleanser. But if it’s a bit thick, like when I put on make-up to go on TV, I have to wash it twice using NK Cleanser. No need to use double cleansing or oil.


9. Is Age Reverse Cleanser by NK safe for lips? My lips are peeling badly after using this cleanser to remove lipstick.

 Age Reverse is safe to use all over the face including the lips and around the eyes. It is made from ingredients that are soft to the skin, and the surfactant used is also natural and mild, but effective in cleaning dirt and make-up.


10. Can I use another brand of sunscreen and moisturizer after using the Age Reverse Cleanser?

Users are encouraged to use Age Reverse Moisturizer and Age Reverse Sunscreen because in this way, we can ensure the optimal effect of Age Reverse on the skin. The ingredients used in the Age Reverse formulation are guaranteed to be of high quality, effective and safe.


11. I think i feel more freckles coming out after using Age Reverse Cleanser for two weeks.

There are two things that are likely to happen:

  1. The skin becomes brighter and cleaner, so freckles are more visible.
  2. Freckles that are still under the skin layer have come out to the top layer. Using Age Reverse consistently will help you fade the freckles.