Energy Water Mist

What are the benefits of Energy Mist?

Energy Mist acts as a moisturizer and refresher that will treat and beautify the skin. It will further highlight the effectiveness of the Age Reverse Cleanser. It is made from natural ingredients especially Bee Venom, Essential Oil and Hyaluronic Acid.


2. Why does my skin feel sore after using Energy Mist (moisturizer)?

If you use it for the first time, it may sting a little if you have sensitive skin. It takes some time for the skin to adjust to the ingredients used. Do not worry because it is very safe and to avoid pain, you can spray just a little until the skin gets used to it.


3. My under eyes feel dry after using Energy Mist.

Energy Mist can be used all over the face including around the eyes to remove fine lines and dark circles under the eyes. However, if there are people with very sensitive skin, they will feel dry/sore when using Energy Mist around the eyes. Can avoid and try to harmonize from time to time.


4. Does NK plan to produce a cream for around the eyes?

There are no plans for now because Age Reverse Cleanser and Energy Mist can also be used around the eyes to remove fine lines and dark circles.


5. When is the best time to use Energy Mist?

Mist includes toner + moisturizer + primer + makeup setter. Can be used when the time is right:


6. After spray moisturizer, my skin feels warm. I have no allergies, and feel hot. Is there any reason?

There are two reasons for this situation:

  1. The ingredients used in Age Reverse and Moisturizer (Mist) act on the skin, it causes a slightly hot/cold sensation (depending on how each person feels differently) for a few minutes.
  2. If someone has used whitening products before, it can cause the skin to become sensitive when switching to a new product.

The feeling will disappear and it is not harmful. Continue to use Age Reverse Cleanser and Energy Mist, over time the skin will be compatible with the natural ingredients used.