NK Age-Reverse Sunscreen

Can exposure to blue-light from computer screens and mobile phones cause freckles? If so, how to avoid this problem.

Expert studies show that blue light can cause cell damage, including the production of freckles and skin wrinkles, and the destruction of cell nutrients. In fact, it has more harmful effects than regular UV. The best way to avoid this problem is to use a physical (mineral) sunscreen that contains Zinc Oxide, which has an SPF in the range of 30. A very high SPF (50 and above) should be avoided because it can further damage the skin.


2. How to use UV Sunscreen correctly?

Put a little sunscreen on the forehead, both cheeks, nose and chin. Then apply evenly all over the face. Avoid using thick because it is not a foundation.


3. Can I use foundation after sunscreen?

The color we see in sunscreen is a natural color (not foundation) that is colorless when used on the skin. The best is to use Naturel Kiss two way cake powder which has foundation.


4. Why do I feel that my skin is getting darker after using NK Sunscreen?

NK Sunscreen does not darken the skin. In fact, many customers say it brightens the skin. Maybe it feels dark because it just wants to adapt to the skin. You can apply sunscreen smoothly and evenly, not too thick. This is because too much sunscreen may cause the skin to overproduce oil, oil can oxidize the skin layer and make the face look darker.


5. Should I use UV protection with a high SPF?

Many people think that the higher the SPF the better. While the higher SPF can cause the skin to be exposed to UV light and can damage the skin. A good SPF is between 30-35 and is Broad Spectrum which also has PA++. Sunscreen NK is broad spectrum (SPF 35, PA++).


6. Does NK Sunscreen also use micellar technology?

Sunscreen does not use nano micelle (micellar) technology but NK Sunscreen uses high quality and premium ingredients such as carrot seed oil which is a natural UV barrier. NK Sunscreen uses safe, broad-spectrum ingredients, has a natural fragrance from essential oil and does not irritate or irritate the skin.


7. Why does NK Age Reverse Sunscreen not use the 2 finger technique?

We do not encourage the use of sunscreen in big amount of quantities while applying the sunscreen because the manufacture of sunscreen has a high content of oil and synthetic materials. in addition, the effectiveness of using sunscreen is not based on the amount of the quantity used, but the frequency of the person re-applies the unscreen. This is important because repeated use will provide optimal protection compared to use a lot at one time.


8. Is NK Age-Reverse Sunscreen wudhu’-friendly?

Most sunscreens are not wudhu’-friendly. This is because in sunscreen there is a UV filter which is a material that protects the skin from sunlight and this material is not soluble in water. Users are advised to clean their face with facial wash before performing wudhu’.


9. Why does the skin feel stinging after using sunscreen?

NK Age-Reverse Sunscreen is a physical sunscreen and is non-toxic. We choose materials that are gentle and not harsh on the skin. The use of NK Age-Reverse Sunscreen also does not dry the skin because there are moisturizing elements and carrot seed oil that can reduce wrinkles on the skin. But if the customer wears it and feel stinging, it is possible that the customer has inflammation on the skin. Among the causes are sunburn, allergies or a weak skin barrier. In addition, the customer skin barrier can also be disrupted due to temperature factors, especially in summer/under sunlight.

Recommendations to customer are to:

  1. Apply NK Age-Reverse Sunscreen thinly and re-apply every 3 hours on the skin.
  2. Spray mist after applying sunscreen to reduce inflammation.
  3. Avoid sitting outdoor for too long.