NK Age-Reverse Serum

I once read an article where retinol is not good for nursing mothers and pregnant women. Is NK serum safe to use for those who are breastfeeding and pregnant?

Can and is safe to use because this serum does not enter the blood cells. Studies show that the daily tolerance of vitamin A for pregnant women is up to 10,000UI. NK Serum uses Vitamin A 2500UI/g. It is said that one day we use about 0.3g serum, it is equivalent to 750UI/g VA. And the maximum absorption rate of topical products is 20%, only 150UI VA is absorbed into the body and will be metabolized by dermis cells within a day. For information, the percentage of retinol in the serum is only 0.1% and it is not enough to harm the fetus.


2. Why is it that every time I use NK Serum my facial skin becomes sore and uncomfortable?

For anyone with sensitive skin and dry skin this is a common thing to experience when using this retinol serum. They will find the skin to be slightly red, flaky and irritated. NK Serum uses very mild retinol and uses cynanchum herb to reduce this uncomfortable feeling. The most effective way is, users need to prep their face first with Energy water mist before using this serum. Let the energy water mist dry first, then apply this serum all over the face. If the skin feels sore and red, the user can alternate or thinly apply this serum according to comfort until the facial skin recovers.


3. Can my child use this serum? At what age can this serum be used?

As early as 11 years old can use NK products because these products are based on natural ingredients and are safe to use.


4. How long does this serum last?

If this serum is used consistently, this serum can last up to 3 to 4 months.


5. Can I use this serum under the eyes? There are fine lines under my eyes. Will it hurt when you use it under your eyes?

Retinol is the most effective and scientifically proven anti-aging ingredient. One bottle of this NK serum can already cover one face including the eye area and does not require various types of retinol and just apply thinly around the eyes. Dermatologists have said that retinol is more effective as an eye cream than botox. It should be noted that not just any retinol can be placed under the eyes, if it causes effects such as itching and redness because retinol itself is hard and has a high value on the skin. NK Serum is safe to use around the eyes.


6. Why freckles that are fading, suddenly become dark again after wearing?

Freckles appear darker because the skin has become brighter. Not because the freckles are getting darker. The skin is brighter because of the effect after using the serum. Because the retinol function of our serum can also brighten the skin and make the skin tone more even. However, the skin must always be protected from growing new freckles, or prevent existing freckles from getting worse by using sunscreen consistently. It should be reminded to always re-apply sunscreen.


7. What are the benefits of NK Serum compared to other brand serums?

There are 5 benefits of NK serum that users must know and try. Among them are:

  1. Has optimal absorption.
  1. Combination of three formulations (Retinol, BeauT-Complex™ and Cynanchum herb).
  1. Mild and non-irritating
  1. Clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  1. The brightness of the face increases.


8. Why does my skin get acne after using NK Age Reverse Serum?

Acne after using the serum is because the function of serum besides anti-wrinkles, is to remove dirt from under the skin. It is normal if acne to come out after using retinol serum (It is also called as purging for facial skin because retinol is known as a normal skin care ingredient that has this effect). But there is no need to worry, because in NK Age Reverse Retinol Serum, there are special herbs that work to reduce acne and treat facial skin cells.


9. What should be done if the serum forms a layer like oil? Is it safe to use?

For NK products, the research group avoids the use strong synthetic polymers and emulsifiers (where they can clog pores, enlarge pores, acne and inflammation). It is normal for a layered serum. However the skin actives still well function and can be used and shacked the bottle before use.