Freckles/Acne/ Sensitive Skin

How to know that our freckles are caused by hormones?

Freckles caused by hormones is one of hyperpigmentation. It is usually melasma. It grows only a little, maybe just one but it’s a big size.


2. Is the laser method/pico-pulse technique safe to use to remove freckles?

The effectiveness of the laser method depends on the type, color and depth of the freckle. Skin condition is also an important factor. So it is very difficult to say clearly because some people need up to 6 laser sessions to be effective, and each session is expensive. Yes it is safe if done by a certified specialist, but the effectiveness depends on many factors. Although there are many pico-pulse/laser machines in the market with different specifications may not give the desired results. Some may seek help from beauty salons (cheaper prices), but many beauticians may not know the actual machine specifications and operations, and skin care after laser. So this is an issue in laser treatment. Another issue is that not all hyperpigmentation in Asian skin can be treated with lasers. By reading some dermatologist articles, hyperpigmentation like melasma may get worse if treated using laser. Therefore, we should carefully make choices and decisions before diagnosis.


3. Can freckles due to hereditary factors (genetics) be removed?

Indeed, genetic factors can cause freckles. If our mother/family has a lot of freckles, we need to be more careful from the beginning. The best way is to use sunscreen and avoid toxic and low quality products. Prevention is better than cure. If the skin is already overgrown with freckles, use products that are safe and effective, even if it takes a little longer. Focus on treating the entire facial skin to be more radiant. Bonus if freckles can be completely removed. Inshallah it can be reduced.


4. I had a problem with acne on my jawline for half a year that left a scar. Can NK help me?

InshaAllah it is possible. But you have to be patient because NK does not use bleaching agents or substances that can corrode and thin the skin. However, the results will be worth it. For faster results and treatment, you can use Cleanser, Energy Mist, Sunscreen and two-way cake powder.


5. How can I get rid of melasma on my face?

Melasma is very difficult to remove because it is hyperpigmentation usually caused by hormones. InshaAllah it can reduce the color of melasma but it depends on the seriousness of the melasma problem. NK can prevent new melasma or freckles from growing. But the existing one is a bit difficult if you use skin care.


6. Are there any examples of synthetic chemicals that are dangerous for the skin / not suitable for sensitive skin?

There are many dangerous substances that are often used in skin care products, including hydroquinone, mercury, triclosan, oxybenzone, phthalates, paraben, formaldehyde, sodium laureth sulfate (SLS), imidazolidinyl urea. There are also common synthetic materials that will adversely affect the skin especially if one’s skin is sensitive, and if the chemicals are of low quality.


7. Does the healing process will occur if my skin is already damaged due to mercury and toxic products?

If you have previously used a lot of skin care / cosmetic products contaminated with mercury / toxic / comedogenic (pore clogging) chemicals, there is a possibility of causing skin damage when changing products. Because toxins prevent skin renewal, but good skin care products can renew skin cells by means of detoxification. However, there are many types of acne with different shapes. This problem cannot be summed up in one clear sentence.