NK Age-Reverse Scrub

What are the main ingredients of the scrub and its main function?

1st in the world using Roselle Seed powder as scrub material. Remove dead skin cells, Roselle seed is rich in omega-6 & omega-9 fatty acids to promote strong skin barrier, improve skin texture, leave skin soft and healthy. NK Gentle Scrub also enriched with BeuT-Complex, a nano molecule active contains Roselle extract, Bee Venom, and Hyaluronic Acid with fast penetration into skin layers and effective anti-aging function such as reduce wrinkles, improve skin tones, reduce inflammation.


2. How to use Age Reverse Scrub using the right steps?

Squeeze the scrub in the palm of your hand and then apply the scrub to damp facial skin, massage gently in circular motions and rinse. Follow with NK Age Reverse Cleanser. Use twice a week.


3. When the expiry date for NK Age-Reverse Scrub?
Once open the tube please finish the product in 12 months.


4. How long can a tube scrub last?
Use 2-3 times per week. NK gentle scrub can last for at least 6 months.


5. Appropriate age layer using NK Age-Reverse Scrub?
For users above 12 years old:


6. Steps to use NK Age-Reverse Scrub
NK Age-Reverse Scrub>NK Age-Reverse Cleanser>Energy Water Mist>NK Age-Reverse Serum.

7. Why using face scrub is a must?


8. Did NK Age-Reverse Scrub suitable for all skin
NK scrub is gentle and suitable for all skin types.


9. Can those who has acne problem use NK Age-Reverse Scrub?
NK scrub is suitable for oily and mild acne skin. By removing excessive sebum, dirt and debris from clogged pores, it helps prevent breakout.


10. Why is there no Roselle Seed Powder in the ingredient list of NK Age-Reverse Scrub?

Because NK Age-Reverse Scrub is the first in the world to use Roselle Seed Powder in skin care products, this ingredient is not yet listed in the notification system (not even listed in the European system). We are in the process of registering this special and new material in the notification system. It takes some time to achieve.